Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Stance On Homosexuality and Civil Partnerships

First and foremost, I am going to clear up one thing as this is my first post on this new blog and what that happens to be is my stance on this issue. Let me be clear. I believe in our constitution and I also believe in equal rights but, I cannot and will not accept, condone, agree with or support any type of homosexuality or bisexuality. Sorry! That is the way I have always felt and will always feel. It is wrong on every level. Now I know the times are changing and I know homosexuality has been going on since the dawn of man, yada yada yada! It does not change the fact that it is wrong and has always been wrong. Now like I said, I support equal rights and all of you fighting for it out there, Good For You! That is your right and the way this society is today you will most likely get everything you are fighting for because it is your right according to the ways our laws are written. However, our laws are not what is going to judge you in the end! I am not preaching here, this is just what I believe. And lets say homosexuality does prevail, all the necessary laws are passed and you finally get everything you all have been fighting for. Then what? I predict that a large percentage of you will be lost. Why? Because the only thing that has made sense to you this whole time was that you were different from other people and something was missing. Being gay seemed to fit early on and you stuck with it because you were accepted. You liked the fact that in everyone else eye's you were doing something wrong and it made it that much more exciting. All that will be gone when it is legal. You will no longer be the one's everybody snicker's and sneers at. You will be just another gay couple sitting on a park bench and no one will care!(Granted no law will change people's mind on what is right and wrong) Now, I know it is coming and that it is inevitable, but as a husband and father of two girls, I fear for my children's future. Anyone can believe and say whatever they choose about this topic but I will continue to teach my children the truth about homosexuality. It is and will always be the ultimate wrong! If you want to be homosexual, fine be homosexual. Do not bring it around my children or family! Do your thing behind closed doors and except your judgement when it comes, that's totally your business. When it is brought out in the open in schools, work and public in general you have crossed the line. And believe me people there is a line! I know there are tons of people out there who would read this and say that I am just like all the other's trying to oppress your rights and all that crap; GET OVER IT! You are the one's with the problem, not us! I am protected under my amendment rights to say as much of this as I feel, the same rights that homosexuals have construed to make their fight plausible because ultimately wrong doesn't stand up to what is right and wrong on paper. That is unfortunately how this country and world works. As I said before, I fear that there is nothing we can do. These laws will pass sooner or later and I believe a lot of you will be left unhappy and questioning everything in your life. For many of you the passing of these laws have been your life's work and so I ask again, when this happens then what? They all lived happily ever after? I think not. My prediction is that the things all that you have been fighting for will be futile. The laws may change, and most likely will, but what will not change, ever, is the fact that it is wrong and nothing, not even weddings or legal binding contracts will change that.
If you don't like what I have to say in this posting then make a comment. I'm sure that there are mountains of dialogue which could be heard from both sides of the topic. I posted my beliefs on this blog because this is not a topic of which one can stay neutral to. I apologize to those who would be offended by this but I am entitled to my opinion as much as you are so if you would like to hash it out then make a comment and I will try to respond as soon as I get a chance.